Let’s Stay in Love

Whoever said staying in love was easy is a liar.

Love takes work, sacrifice, creativity, patience.

Babe,we’ve become too comfortable.”

Our love has become a series of routines and it’s not like we don’t love each other, we need to stay in love.

Our love shouldn’t feel stagnant.

Let’s go out on dates, double dates even.

Try new positions.

Give each other space to breathe.

Let’s try to miss each other.

Let’s communicate more.

Let’s have a romantic night in.

You go out with your friends, I’ll go out with mine.

But most important, let’s always stay in love.

Free Bird

I’ve spent most of my life living for your approval. Grandmother, mother, sister, family.

I’ve done all the things you’ve asked me to. I’m college educated, working, I earned scars from learning about love. I’m connected to God.

But it’s my time to be free.

If I continue living the life you want me to live I’ll never be happy. You can’t determine my destiny, but you can help along the way.

How will I ever put into practice all that you’ve taught me if you keep me hostage.

I’m living for me now.

Thank you, but I’m flying free.

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Conversations with the Mirror.

You need to fix yourself.

You stare at me everyday, only for me to show you the truth.

Those bags and pimples could use some concealer.

Comb your hair! Your forehead is big.

Yes, you’ve put on some weight.

What are you gonna do? Continue staring at me?

No, what I’m not gonna do is look in this mirror and allow my flaws to break me down.

I’m not gonna spend hours picking myself apart.

I’m beautiful just as I am. The things that I feel I need to change I will, NOT because you reflect them back to me.


I am not your enemy, I’m your sister.

I am not your competition, I’m your sister.

Where’s the sisterhood?

Society wants us hating each other, giving side eyes, showing envy, breaking each other down.

They want us to fight over men and fight each other for Worldstar views. It shouldn’t be that way.

If she has a bunch of makeup on, She may be insecure, tell her she’s beautiful.

She’s sexually “open”, don’t call her a hoe, tell her to protect herself.

She may be lesbian or trans, love and support her.

Sisters, we’re all we got.

Time to rise.

The Battle Isn’t Yours…

You can’t hide from God.

There’s no ducking, dodging, guessing, or complaining.

He’s the creator of all things, you included.

Some say Heavenly Father, others say Allah or Buddah.

Why are you letting the devil win?

Why are you dealing with hatred, pain, lies, insecurities, corrupt hearts?

Do you know who’s in your corner?

All you have to do is ask, call upon him and believe, your problems will be solved, tears will be dried, enemies will become miniscule.

So I ask you again, why are you hiding from God?

Pray hard, claim your victory now.

The devil will lose.

Thoughts of a Man in Love

You’ve changed me for the better.

I didn’t think it was possible for love to enter my life and show me how a man should really be.

It’s your smile, the way your eyes light up when you see me, how you unselfishly give me your heart and trust me with it.

I’ve had many pretty faces, fat asses, and big breasts, but I’d pass all of that up to see you walking towards me in a white dress.

I believe every man should experience the loyalty and love of one woman.

It’ll transform you.

Thank you. I love you.</em

Thoughts of a Woman in Love

I can’t see myself without you.

Like a mirror we reflect each other, man and woman, same soul, one heart.

I love you, I appreciate you, I owe you for saving me from my past.

You’re offering me a future beyond what I’ve imagined.

I adore you. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve you.

I often wonder why you’re with me.

But what I will say is God created you for me.

I’m not gonna be perfect, I’m weird, I’m emotional.

I’m gonna be over affectionate and I’m silent when I’m mad.

But I’m yours and you’re mine, forever.

I’m Thankful For…

That God carried my suffering grandmother home to rest and be free.

A bright eyed and beautiful niece who taught me the power of love.

A relationship with my sister that is under construction.

My family bonding once again.

The love of my life coming unexpectedly and who’s my total opposite, who’s saved my heart.

4 best friends (2 near and 2 far) who have been my rock during my trying times and a listening ear.

A new job!

The strength to write this post without crying.

You reading this right now. It’s you who I do this for. Thank you

Fly free (Go on Home)

I wanted to be selfish and prayed that you would stay.

Stay and suffer an illness that you were fighting silently and that was making you weak.

Stay so that you could see me get married, stay so we could celebrate Christmas together, stay so I could hug and kiss you.

God laughed at my plan, he stepped in and set you free.

You’re gone away from not only me, but the suffering, the illness, this cruel world that is getting worse by the years.

Fly free my angel. I know your spirit lives deep within me.

Go on home.