Metaphor: #30layers30days Day 22

Phonte said “there’s nothing greater than the sun” and I agree.

Sunshine, brightens and gives life to nature. It wakes up folks for their daily grind.

Sunshine warms the soul and reveals everything that was once dark.

For me sunshine is a symbol of my evolution as a woman.

Darkness of the past that clouded my happiness and overshadowed my future plans is no longer a factor.

Sunlight, my future,coming into my own, a unsure yet exciting path is shining bright.

The past, the doubt, the sadness is burned away by bright, warm, shining future.

Living life in sunlight.

Oh Happy Day!: #30layers30days Day 21

I would wake up to the perfect fall day. 70 degrees, blue skies, crisp air.

I would sit in the park with my pumpkin spice latte and my journal and write to my hearts content.

Then, I would hang out with my best friend while her daughter and my niece run around and play in the leaves.

After that, I would see my lover and he’d cook me dinner and we’d cuddle on the couch afterwards and talk about any and everything.

I would take a nice hot bubble bath and sleep peacefully and relaxed after such an amazing day.

TWO COLUMNS: #30layers30days Day 20


-writing (especially the creative, nonfiction, and fiction genres)

-reading (any genre)

- listening to music (mostly neo/soul, r&b, jazz, hip hop, and country)

- taking photographs


- writing from my heart

- being a supportive friend/ family member/lover

- talking to people and connecting with them

-making people laugh


I can either be a mentor to young women and through my struggles & triumphs help them, be there for them.

Write books! Combine my love of writing and music together somehow.

Continue to blog as an outlet of expression as I connect with people from all over.

When I Think Of Home: #30layers30days Day 19

I feel home is any place where I can be myself, unfiltered.

It’s a place where I laugh, think, and share with people who are willing to listen, share stuff of their own, and who aren’t judgmental.

Home is where the vibe is so chill, relaxed, and free, where I can just be me, organically.

Home is a coffee shop, a bus ride to work, a train ride to&from the city. A park bench, a poetry slam or open mic.

Home is a table full of family or laying in my lover’s protective arms.

Man, there’s no place like home.

The F Word: #30layers30days Day 18

Dear Minnie,

Were you really going to end it all because he broke your heart?

You let yourself go. You stopped eating, you sheltered yourself in your room. Staying there for hours, only leaving for school and work. Your face was sunken in.

Were you gonna be selfish and kill yourself, what about your family? What about your friends? What about your dreams?

You have so much to live for.

You have dreams to accomplish and diplomas to get.

Love will come and he’s gonna be awesome.

Don’t let depression take over your life.

You are worthy of life.

Clearing The Air: #30layers30days Day 17

Dearest Nana,

I wanted to take this opportunity to say I forgive you and thank you. I know I wasn’t the model grandchild. I appreciate you raising me, even with your tough love &strict rules, I turned out to be a great woman. I must admit, you played a huge part of my self esteem issues. You constantly called me ugly &it left a scar, you deny saying it, but you did. I also forgive you for thinking I was lying when that “accident” happened,you know the truth now.

Our relationship isn’t perfect. But I love you.



Outside The Box: #30layers30days Day 16

I’ve sometimes dream of this moment,

Me, a photographer, and a camera.

Music playing, lights shining, and I pose.

Clothed or in nothing but my beautiful sable skin.

Pose again, smile, pose again.

My unique beauty is now immortalized by just a click.

Polaroids, canvas, 6 page spreads.

In Essence Magazine, tumblr, or King Magazine. I’ve always wanted my beauty to be admired, lusted for, and sometimes envied.

But alas, weight gain, subtle shyness, and a confidence that’s constantly being rebuilt deters me from pursuing modeling.

I’ll stick to sunny and seductive selfies.

I’ll create pictures with my words instead.

Gotta Testify: #30layers30days Day 15

I was a nervous college grad about to enter a world full of vultures.

Everyone was hustling, making connections, making their names and brands known, I was still unknown,

Unsure of what direction to take my $20,098 (to be exact) journalism degree, I created a blog and decided to freelance.

I stayed committed to my audience, created innovative and fun content, I guest wrote as much as I can.

You’re reading this now so my blog is a success. I’m winning awards, my writing is being recognized&quoted, my blog traffic is amazing.

All I can say is thank you.

Mirror, Mirror: #30layers30days Day 14

As a child I never really liked smiling.

To me, it was just another way to get made fun of because I didn’t have perfect teeth.

As years passed and I’ve grown older I began to accept all the things that make me, me, and that included my crooked smile.

A smile that caters to the light in my eyes and is why my cheekbones are high.

A smile that radiates happiness, growth, and proof that God’s blessings are real.

A smile that accompanies every selfie and receives tons of compliments.

I love my crooked, flirty, inviting smile.

Say cheese.

Biggest Fan: #30layers30days Day 13

She’s only been on this earth for a year and she’s my motivation, she gives me purpose, she makes me grind harder.

I’m her auntie and I hope to one day be her hero, someone she looks up to.

After 8 hours of a tiring day of work I open the door to small feet and a huge smile running into my arms.

When I graduated, I saw her little hands clapping and a smile full of drool.

I go hard for me and her.

I can’t wait until she’s old enough to tell me that she’s my biggest fan.