Start. Stop. Continue. #30layers30days Day 30


Going after the goals I set for myself, my blog, and my career.

Taking better care of myself (physically, spiritually, emotionally)

Having more fun.


Worrying about numbers, traffic, readership and just continue doing what I love, writing from the heart.

Being afraid to let him love me.

Putting others happiness before mine

Doubting my abilities as a writer.




Being happy.

Having dreams and goals.

Blogging and building my blog as a brand and connecting with my readers.

Getting to know him and not worrying about the past.

Growing into the woman I’m proud to be.

To GG Renee, creator of this amazing challenge, I say Thank you, this has been fulfilling, soul baring, and a journey full of discovery. I’ve been introduced to some amazing writers and I’ve grown as a writer myself. I’m eternally grateful.



Hi, My Name Is… #30layers30days Day 29

Hi, my name is Mahneerah “Minnie” Griffin. (My name is Arabic for light, cool right?)

I am a writer, blogger, recent college graduate with a BA in English-Journalism. I am a loving &faithful girlfriend,responsible and dependable aunt to a beautiful niece, a trustworthy and fun friend, and model employee.

I am a creative spirit. I channel my creativity through various outlets, blogging and poetry are the most popular.

I believe that life, with all it’s good and bad is worthy of being lived to the fullest and without fear.

Enough about me, what about you? Tell me your story.

Two Columns: #30layers30days Day 28


-To get my masters in a few years

- To find a job in my career field

-To have my own apartment

- To atleast have a solid book manuscript

-To get married.

-To start a successful nonprofit program for young, black girls.


- To clear my undergraduate debt before pursuing a masters

- continue writing even if a manuscript doesn’t come from it.

- to keep searching and filling out applications for various jobs.

-Find a job, save money, then move out.

- research nonprofits & create a business plan.

- continue loving,trusting& being faithful to my lover & our relationship.

Lurking: #30layers30days Day 27

You’ve graduated, now what?

All of your friends have already figured out their careers and are taking the steps to get where they want to be, what about you?

Do you have a clue of what to do with this degree you’ll be paying off until you’re 66?

Will you continue to work a bullshit job instead of working a job that you love?

Will you continue to tell yourself that you won’t try because you feel you’re not good enough?

Will you be brave and just take a blind chance?

Will you ask these same questions years from now?

Thank You (Dedicated to @missjillscott): #30layers30days Day 26

Dearest Jill,

I know you don’t know me, but as a fan I would like to take this opportunity to tell you thank you.

Since I’ve been introduced to your music my life has changed tremendously for the better.

For someone to write songs that speak to your spirit and inspire your own craft is rare & you do that for me daily.

You are beautiful, talented, flawed, sensual and real, the prototype of a woman I want to be.

Thank you for sharing your gift with me and countless others. Because of you I’ve found my light in the sun.

Authenticity: #30layers30days Day 25

I’m as real as it gets.

I choose to be authentic with my life and my craft as a writer in a world that praises the fake and untrue.

Truth, honesty, and being flawed is what makes me real, relate able.

Authenticity comes with it’s own share of criticism and judgement.

It comes with hate, questions, naysayers, bullies.

Being unique is no longer a trend. Marching to the beat of your own drum is laughed upon.

Don’t be afraid to be real. Show your heart, show your flaws, be different, take risks and be genuine.

Authenticity has it’s own reward.

Heartstrings: #30layers30days Day 24

This is Amerikkka, land of the free, home of the brave, but that doesn’t apply if your skin is a darker shade.

There’s a war going on outside and inside our neighborhoods where parents of black children fear that their children will be shooting targets.

Yet they wonder why we have the “fuck the police” attitude.

Black men shoot each other all while dodging bullets from police officers and people who just fear their skin color.

When will it end? When will I be able to have black babies who are free?

But then again, this is Amerikkka,black people.

Limitations & Affirmations: #30layers30days Day 23

You’re not pretty enough.

I am beautifully unique. I refuse to believe that I have to look like everyone else to be considered beautiful.

Your blog isn’t creative enough to draw in readers.

Bullshit. I’m a writer who writes from the heart. People appreciate that and in due time the traffic and numbers will increase.

You don’t have connections so you’ll never get recognized.

I will have connections because I will network and work hard to get my work out there.

You come from the hood, you won’t be successful.

You’re wrong. I am not a product of my environment.

Metaphor: #30layers30days Day 22

Phonte said “there’s nothing greater than the sun” and I agree.

Sunshine, brightens and gives life to nature. It wakes up folks for their daily grind.

Sunshine warms the soul and reveals everything that was once dark.

For me sunshine is a symbol of my evolution as a woman.

Darkness of the past that clouded my happiness and overshadowed my future plans is no longer a factor.

Sunlight, my future,coming into my own, a unsure yet exciting path is shining bright.

The past, the doubt, the sadness is burned away by bright, warm, shining future.

Living life in sunlight.

Oh Happy Day!: #30layers30days Day 21

I would wake up to the perfect fall day. 70 degrees, blue skies, crisp air.

I would sit in the park with my pumpkin spice latte and my journal and write to my hearts content.

Then, I would hang out with my best friend while her daughter and my niece run around and play in the leaves.

After that, I would see my lover and he’d cook me dinner and we’d cuddle on the couch afterwards and talk about any and everything.

I would take a nice hot bubble bath and sleep peacefully and relaxed after such an amazing day.