Thoughts of a Woman in Love

I can’t see myself without you.

Like a mirror we reflect each other, man and woman, same soul, one heart.

I love you, I appreciate you, I owe you for saving me from my past.

You’re offering me a future beyond what I’ve imagined.

I adore you. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve you.

I often wonder why you’re with me.

But what I will say is God created you for me.

I’m not gonna be perfect, I’m weird, I’m emotional.

I’m gonna be over affectionate and I’m silent when I’m mad.

But I’m yours and you’re mine, forever.

I’m Thankful For…

That God carried my suffering grandmother home to rest and be free.

A bright eyed and beautiful niece who taught me the power of love.

A relationship with my sister that is under construction.

My family bonding once again.

The love of my life coming unexpectedly and who’s my total opposite, who’s saved my heart.

4 best friends (2 near and 2 far) who have been my rock during my trying times and a listening ear.

A new job!

The strength to write this post without crying.

You reading this right now. It’s you who I do this for. Thank you

Fly free (Go on Home)

I wanted to be selfish and prayed that you would stay.

Stay and suffer an illness that you were fighting silently and that was making you weak.

Stay so that you could see me get married, stay so we could celebrate Christmas together, stay so I could hug and kiss you.

God laughed at my plan, he stepped in and set you free.

You’re gone away from not only me, but the suffering, the illness, this cruel world that is getting worse by the years.

Fly free my angel. I know your spirit lives deep within me.

Go on home.

About Face


BB cream when I wanna look natural, Foundation when I wanna look beat.

Concealer especially under my eyes and on the acne scarring on both of my cheeks, translucent powder to set.

Mineralized skin finish to set the rest. My favorite blush and highlighter.

Eyebrows filled with powder, lots of mascara. I can’t do a cat eye or false lashes to save my life.

20-30 minutes, face done.

Flaws are covered, I’m presentable to the world.

Makeup wipes and face soap, 10 minutes.

Moisturizer and Chapstick. Freckles and dark circles are on full display.

I’m flawed& I love it

Unbothered Melanin

We come in an array of shades and shapes while others are plain. We’re unbothered.

We’re on continents and cities. We won’t let a Kardashian makes us forget who we are within.

We’re unbothered melanin.

We embrace our crowning glory Natural, weaved, braided or faded, our style makes Vogue covers only if Caucasians recreate it.

Yoga poses and wide noses, we are the prototype, the originators.

We’re queens to ourselves and our men. We’re strong mothers and fierce muses that grace Essence.

We create our own brands, we create lanes that benefit ourselves, we’re kicking down doors.

We’re unbothered melanin.

Me encanta el café

Hot or iced you’re truly a delight.

My mornings are incomplete without you.

Starbucks won’t get my bucks, I run off Dunkin.

French vanilla, cream, 6 sugars. Don’t forget my apple crumb donut.

Oh coffee, your hot temperature wakes me up during those groggy 6am shifts.

When you’re iced, my tummy is alright. The cooling sensation and smooth French vanilla flavor is my guilty pleasure.

The temporary boost of energy and the bubbling stomach is worth it, I keep coming back to you.

Coffee breath and a caffeine high is the price I’ll pay to indulge in you.

I love coffee.

Thank You for Including Me.

The table is set, dozens of family photos adorn the walls of your dining room.

I laugh at the frozen memories of your childhood, you look exactly the same.

Your family files in. You introduce me to each aunt, uncle, cousin and friend as your girlfriend with shining eyes.

As we eat dinner &listen to old family tales I can’t help but be sad that my family isn’t as close.

I daydream about the family dinners we will have with our children one day.

I engage in the laughter, someday one day.

I kiss you, “thank you for including me.”

Sacrifice,Struggle, Growth

What do you know about struggle?

Working hard just to be broke the next day, sacrificing clean clothes for groceries, making copies of textbooks that are too expensive, wearing the same jeans until they rip.

What do you know about sacrifice?

Taking on more than you should, putting others before you, giving your last to make sure your loved ones are good, pausing your dreams to make others come true.

What do you know about me?
That I’m not perfect. I’ve sacrificed and struggled all my life, but that’s part of my story not all of it.

I’m still growing.