What Happened to Us?

Ladies, how did we go from being Queens, to settling on being someone’s proud side chick?

How did we go from sisterhood to being each other’s competition?

When did it become OK  to use our bodies for material gain, instead of a vessel to bring life into the world?

Men, what happened to fighting one on one instead of shooting?

When did it become OK to hit your woman?

When did it become ok to not  be your daughter’s first love or your son’s inspiration?

When are you gonna take your place as king?




Curves Ahead

If you’re looking for a straight ride, I’m not your girl.

Whirls, twirls,and dips is what I deliver with these hips.

Thighs thick enough for a man’s grip, and warm enough for your waist or ears, choose wisely.

No shade to the skinny, but these curves are deadly, not for just any, only a designated driver.

Fluffy midsection and ass, curves ahead! Breaks necks, proceed with caution.

Not deemed “sexy” by society, but beautiful in the eyes of the beholder.

It took me 27 years to embrace, flaunt, love.

I scream out proudly, “buckle up and enjoy the ride, curves ahead!”

New and Improved.

I woke up one day and I told myself that I wanted to be beautiful.

I wanted to honestly look in the mirror and love the person staring back.

So, I went to work. Doing small things like changing my hair, putting a little more effort into my clothes, BEAT FACE TO THE GODS.

I sincerely accept every compliment that comes my way.

I smile and laugh more because it feels good.

My confidence is slowly building up.

No longer am I the woman who is unable to understand why everyone sees beauty in her.

I am new  and improved.

Life Chat: Sweet Sixteen

Dearest Mahneerah,

I can tell by your smile in this photo this life for you has just begun. You are carefree, your life is uncertain, but you believe in all the possibilities.

I am here to tell you that life didn’t turn out exactly how you predicted in those pages of your journal. B2K is gonna break up, sorry girl, you won’t marry Omarion.

You’re going to graduate college in be almost $22,000 in debt, don’t worry you’ve been paying Sallie Mae.

 You’re gonna gain weight, so enjoy that small waist while you have it. You’re gonna battle with beauty. You will fight everyday to love yourself more. You will fight to accept your body and be comfortable with yourself.

You’re gonna lose your mother and grandmother shortly after, you will be diagnosed with depression and you will struggle with coping with it. You will be on anti-depressants at the age of 21, but stop using them because your relationship with God will be the strongest it’s ever been.

You’re gonna get your heart broken, a lot. You will shed lots of tears over men who couldn’t be faithful, took your kindness for weakness, or made you feel low, but you won’t ever not experience love. You will have a single life full of self-discovery and a couple of bad dates, but love will enter your life unexpectedly. He’s a good man.

You will lose friends. Some you outgrew, others for petty reasons, but you will have one loyal friend who you will see get Married, another who’s birthday is 24hrs after yours  and you’ll meet amazing people and build lots of  long lasting connections.

Your relationship with your sister will be strained. You will lose yourself in her drama, you will be very stressed. But you will forgive her and try to rebuild your relationship.

Enough about the bad.


You will have a beautiful niece who will be the light of your life, she’ll try you, but hey she’s a kid :).

You will have that journalism degree you’ve always wanted and you won’t let your writing talent wither away, you’ll become a blogger. Your writing will introduce you to some amazing people and it will get you published and noticed by people all over the world.

I wanted to take this time to tell you that you are beautiful. I know there will be times when you feel like the ugliest person in the world or you will not feel confident due to your new size, but you’re gorgeous. Believe it and own it honey! 

You’re worthy of everything you’ve prayed and worked hard for. Your prayers are not unheard.  Your sacrifices will not be in vain.

I want you to dream bigger, no dream is impossible.

This guy that you will date loves you. Relationships aren’t easy. God forbid it doesn’t work out, be strong. 

Believe in your talent, use it as a instrument to help someone, don’t worry about popularity or numbers.

Life is too short, enjoy everyday and be grateful.

I love you.



Food for THOT

Writer’s Note: I was given the concept of this post by a good friend of mine named Marsha, thanks girl!

That “Hoe” Over There is somebody’s daughter, sister, mother, friend.

We make jokes about her, we screw our faces up at her, we warn our husbands and boyfriends about her, we disrespect her.

We categorize her as a hoe, slut, Jezebel instead of a human-being.

That “Hoe” Over There has feelings.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe she doesn’t want a relationship?

Maybe she chooses to make money instead of giving it away for free?

Maybe her actions help her cope with being a victim or rape or molestation.

Maybe she accepts who she is and doesn’t give a damn.

Who are we to judge her?

What’s in a Name?

“We were made in his image, then call us by our names.”

It’s hard being black and a woman, but now my name is an issue.

My name is Mahneerah (mah-nee-rah). Arabic for first born of a pair.

So that alone puts my application in the garbage?

Our names are representations of our culture, or family history,  maybe our parents were trying to be unique.

We can’t help the names we were given.

Our parents gave us our birth names, the world gives us the name of Nigger.

Our names do not make us less smart, beautiful, or less qualified.

It’s the Simple Things

It’s so easy to get focused on getting to the money, clothes with expensive labels, and diamonds.

Some equate love with material things, the more you get the more this person loves you.

I admit I find myself in that race of trying to “keep up with the Joneses” that I forget to appreciate the simple things.

Simple things like laughter, hearing a song that makes you feel good, your smile.

Holding your hand, a good twerk session with friends, breathing.

Life is too short to waste it chasing after money bought things.

It’s the simple things that last forever.

White Flag

My throat is dry and burning from yelling.

My eyes are red from crying.

My energy is drained from fighting you for us.

I need you to look past my emotionally scrambled words, listen to my heart.

It’s an everyday battle of me trying to make this work, forcing myself to love who I thought you were.

I can’t take any more hits, no more lies.

No more pretending that you love me.

No more hiding the woman who was your “friend”.

I’ve questioned if I was ready to leave this battle zone alone,

I am. I wave my white flag.


I want to be her again.

The girl who smiled and laughed constantly.

The girl who never let the bad times dull her glow.

The girl who could talk for hours about her dreams.

The girl who didn’t let her insecurities show.

The girl who he loved.

I’ve lost her.

That happy and energetic girl is replaced with silent.

Someone who’s glow is replaced with a frown, tear stained cheeks, and dull energy.

Someone who let’s all the bad things in life depress her.

The girl who bores him, who he isn’t attracted to anymore.

I will get me back.

Unified Separation

If time would allow it and if I had my way, we’d be together everyday, but life is busy.

We’re in this relationship together, with lives outside of each other.

Separate families, friends, colleagues.

Seperate promises and obligations, yet we’re together.

We have our own identities.  When people see you, they see me & vice versa.

I was fearful to give you space & I needed space too. Breathing Room.


Space is healthy.

Despite my fears, we’re both faithful, we’re connected.

This connection is beyond the boyfriend/girlfriend title, our hearts are connected.

Amongst our separations, I’m still yours and you’re mines.